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Results 2017. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 

15 speakers from 8 countries, around 300 participants at the conference and in a demo zone. Visitors of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague which was held on May 19, discussed development of cryptocurrencies, prospects of blockchain in Fintech and Govtech as well as regulation issues.

First of all, we would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors: Waves Platform, Aureus, Polybius Bank, CrypViser, Cryp Trade Capital, OpenLedger, Genesis Mining and YoBit.Net!

What did participants speak about?

Supporters of a decentralized ecosystem shared their experience, studied analytics and analyzed existing blockchain projects.

Blockchain in business and formation of community

Open blockchain systems for business were explored by CEO and founder at Waves Platform, Sasha Ivanov (Russia). He introduced the service designed for emission of e-values, trading blockchain assets and crowdfunding. The speaker raised the issues of scaling the network, optimization of the block’s size and increase in the efficiency of the whole system.

Ronny Boesing (Denmark), CEO at the decentralized conglomerate Openledger, examined trading, investments and crowdfunding on the basis of this platform.

General problems of the business community were discussed by the owner at Euro Tech Startups and a cofounder at Adel, Gabriel Dusil (the Czech Republic). He spoke about forming a professional community of the blockchain ecosystem.

Development of digital currencies in banking and EU regulations were debated by an independent expert in e-payments in Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Ugo Bechis (Italy).

Blockchain and labor market

Alternative use of blockchain – recruiting and work search – was discussed by the president at BitWage and Forbes journalist, Jonathan Chester (the USA). The company he runs is an international service for finding a remote work and employees. It makes it possible to pay salary in bitcoins without difficult technological innovations.

Listeners learnt how blockchain helped verify a resume for checking the employer’s reputation and prevent extra transactional expenses while paying a remoter employee.

Information safety

The presentation by a representative of Cryviser, Sergey Sidorov (Germany), was dedicated to safety of information and confidentiality. He told listeners about flaws of communication channels, main ways of interception and methods of automating information transfer with the help of blockchain.

Mining of cryptocurrencies was a separate topic at the conference. This block featured presentations by a representative of Genesis Mining, Rodrigo Balam (Germany), who carried out a comparative analysis of home and industrial mining, and a member of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine, Andriy Dubetsky (Ukraine). Andriy spoke about profitability of modern mining and diversity of mining equipment.

 Blockchain in energetics

Decentralization of the energy infrastructure was covered by a cofounder at, Ian Worrall (the Czech Republic), and a SolarChange representative, Assaf Ben Or (Germany). Visitors learn about development of systems of renewable energy and transfer to new energy types by means of blockchain.

Ian Worrall paid special attention to cooperation of blockchain and artificial intelligence as well as advantages of decentralization.

Anti-corruption blockchains

Anti-corruption potential of blockchain technologies was discussed by an independent developer, Oleg Kudrenko (Ukraine). He proved that corrupted officials had to be replaced by decentralized services.

A demo zone

Apart from the conference, the event featured an exhibition of cryptocurrencies, software and other relevant services.

Visitors had a chance to see products by HashFlare, HashCoins, Waves Platform, Crypviser, Polybius Bank, Solvena, SuperNet, Liberland, XPONOΣ and DAO.Casino. 

After the conference participants enjoyed a party at the restaurant of Czech cuisine sponsored by Genesis Mining.

Thanks to everyone who was with us!