How to Turn Cryptocurrency into Mainstream? GRAFT Blockchain Co-founder Will Explain

How to Turn Cryptocurrency into Mainstream? GRAFT Blockchain Co-founder Will Explain

While cryptocurrency is creating opportunities across the globe, the viability and its potential are under siege and not for the reasons usually quoted . While not a bubble, per say, cryptocurrency faces obvious deflationary pressures. They key to preventing deflation lies in stimulating the payment processing industry through the establishment of a functional payment ecosystem compatible with Point of sale.

On May 17, Dan Itkis reveals more details on the big picture challenge of  using cryptocurrency for purchase transactions while also lasering in on the specifics of his experience in building Graft Blockchain, in his speech at Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague.  The topic of the talk is “Crypto is under siege.  Point-of-sale might be the answer, but only if done right.”.

The main points to be discussed:

● Top factors that put crypto in jeopardy

● How to overcome these challenges by establishing point-of-sale crypto accessibility

● Experience of launching Graft Blockchain

● Challenges and opportunities in establishing a global cryptocurrency payment ecosystem

Dan Itkis co-founded Graft Blockchain, the first global payment ecosystem designed for Point-of-Sale. Previously, Dan worked on complex projects for Intel, Tektronix, and CISCO. Currently Dan focuses on building the POS-friendly blockchain-based cryptocurrency that offers privacy, instant authorizations, merchant paid fees, and built-in loyalty programs.

Graft’s mission is to mainstream cryptocurrency. Since 2018, the company has launched CryptoFind, the first application for discovering venues friendly to cryptocurrencies, and has developed Mobile Payment Terminals for SME merchants.

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