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How to Make Sure Your ICO is Secure? Loui Mercieca, CryptoGeeks, Will Reveal Secrets

How to Make Sure Your ICO is Secure? Loui Mercieca, CryptoGeeks, Will Reveal Secrets

ICO is a popular way of crowdfunding now, and startups especially like launching it. However, it is known that all platforms are vulnerable: a very big number of ICOs is being hacked and the funds are being stolen. 

Hackers may use different methods and schemes in order to obtain coins, that is why ICOs should be protected. How to do it? On May 17, in the framework of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague, Loui Mercieca,Internationally experienced blockchain technical consultant, Ethereum Developer, Founder and CTO of cryptoGEEKS, will deliver a presentation “How to Secure your ICO” where he will share his tips.

Main points of the speech:

• highlighting the best practices and basic security measures that are necessary for an ICO;

• code audits;

• secure smart contracts;

• compliance;

• infrastructure.

Loui Mercieca is an IT specialist with 12 years of experience. He has been focusing his career on blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2014 and has already got a number of Ethereum development certifications. Currently, he is a technical advisor and expert in distributed ledger technologies. 

The speaker is the Founder and CTO at cryptoGEEKS. A company that delivers the innovative Blockchain technology principles into practice by offering consultation, advisory and complete development services. As the CTO of the company Loui makes sure that the best blockchain strategy and solution is implemented to any given situation. cryptoGEEKS specialises in blockchain consultation, ICO advisory services, ICO platform and bespoke blockchain development.

The expert also has a position of a technical advisor for the government of Malta, and he is the founding member of the Blockchain Malta Association.

Learn the unique information about the technical security of token sales.

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