Craig Wright refuses to support SegWit

Craig Wright refuses to support SegWit

Craig Wright, an entrepreneur identifying himself as Bitcoin creator, announced his intention to boycott SegWit, informed.

He made such an emotional and abusive statement at the conference in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

According to Wright, his nChain company will create a Bitcoin mining pool, rejecting SegWit transactions, which would really “slow down” the network.

“If you want to be slower, run Segwit. As a miner, I choose,” Craig Wright said.

Concerning the issue regarding a personality being at the back of Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright stressed that he’s ready to take legal action against those who have ridiculed his claim made in 2016. Then, Wright announced himself the creator of Bitcoin and provided evidences in terms of digital signatures. However, the community classified them as false ones.


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