Luxembourg blockchain bill and cryptocurrency on Twitter: digest of crypto news

Luxembourg blockchain bill and cryptocurrency on Twitter: digest of crypto news

How can Twitter users send bitcoins to each other? Where has established its fifth office? What cryptocurrencies is Binance Exchange delisting? These and other week’s news of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world are described in our digest.

Crypto encouragement of tweets

Twitter users can now transfer micropayments to each other via the Lightning Network. It is possible due to the Tippin extension.

The extension is available on Chrome and Firefox browsers. After its installation, a lightning sign will appear below tweets. It means that you are able to send a cryptocurrency encouragement to the publication author by clicking it. Tippin registration is obligatory in order to bind the LN wallet to your account.

The extension is compatible not only with Twitter: it can be used on personal blogs and websites to activate the same encouragement button.

Luxembourg legalizes blockchain transactions

The authorities of Luxembourg have adopted bill 7363 to simplify the use of blockchain in financial services.

The law aims to enhance transparency and certainty during transacting in securities using blockchain. In particular, blockchain transactions in Luxembourg have the same legal status as conventional transactions. One expects that securities remittance will be more efficient because of the reducing amount of third parties.

Almost the full Parliament voted for the passage of a bill. Only two of sixty PMs were against it. opens office in Lithuania

A crypto wallet provider,, keeps expanding in Europe: the company has established its fifth office in Vilnius, Lithuania.

According to company representatives, this country has become a perfect place for a new office as it is truly committed to innovations. In the near future, they will look for employees and offer new vacancies.

Virginijus Sinkevičius, Lithuanian Minister of economy and innovation, commented on such a step: “We’re thrilled to welcome Blockchain to Vilnius. The presence of a company as well-known as Blockchain will put Lithuania in the spotlight of the international blockchain community.”

Binance to delist 5 cryptocurrencies

Binance Exchange has announced its decision to delist such cryptocurrencies as WINGS, SALT, CLOAK (CloakCoin), Substratum (SUB), and Modum (MOD).

Trading will stop on February 22 at 10:00 AM UTC. The crypto community stressed that the exchange could take such actions within constant monitoring of traded coins, including project activity, blockchain and smart contract stability, communication with the exchange and community, as well as suspicions of fraud.

iPhone users can type Bitcoin symbol

Google has added a new symbol to its keyboard: the Bitcoin sign. However, such a novelty is available only on Apple mobile devices.

To type the Bitcoin symbol, one should switch from the traditional Apple keyboard to the Google keyboard. Holding down the dollar symbol (or the ruble symbol on the Russian layout), users will see a shortcut menu allowing to choose currency signs. The Bitcoin one is at the left.

It is still unknown whether Google will add this sign to the Android keyboard.

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