Demand for Bitcoin and blockchain freelancers is growing

Demand for Bitcoin and blockchain freelancers is growing

The cryptocurrency labor market has become a leader as for the demand growth on the international freelancing marketplace, CNBC reports.

According to the exchange representatives, the number of job offers for specialists involved in the sphere of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increased by 82% in just one quarter.

The greatest number of positions for such freelancers is associated with the creation and launch of new tokens. The most valuable skill of a potential employee is the ability to organize and conduct an ICO, said Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of Freelancer.

In demand are also specialists in the development of new blockchain based technological solutions. The number of positions related to cryptography increased by 59% for the Q3 of 2017.

In just three months, 480 000 new jobs were published on The total number of offers on the website is 12 million, while the number of users is 25 million.

Most often, employers look for freelancers with the skills of creative and 3D design, knowledge of Adobe InDesign and HTML5, as well as those who can work with the WooCommerce platform.


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