Blockchain news: SWIFT’s cooperation with R-3, crypto wallet for Samsung Galaxy S10, and BTT token sale

Blockchain news: SWIFT’s cooperation with R-3, crypto wallet for Samsung Galaxy S10, and BTT token sale

What European country adopted the first blockchain legal act? When did Binance Exchange start selling BitTorrent tokens? Will Samsung Galaxy S10 be integrated with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet? These and other crypto news are described in the week’s digest.

Italy adopts its first blockchain legal act

The Italian Senate Committee of Constitutional Affairs and Public Works has approved the Decreto semplificazioni amendment. The decree defines key industry terms: distributed ledger technology and smart contract. The document specifies their legal status.

The legal act mentions that digital data recording using blockchain technology will provide the document examination during registration.

Now, the decree should be approved by Upper and Lower Chambers of the Italian Parliament. Afterwards, the document will turn into the law.

New smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10, can be equipped with built-in cryptocurrency wallet

The Internet showed new photos of Samsung Galaxy S10. One can see that one of the embedded apps is called Samsung Blockchain KeyStore. According to its description, this program is a safe and convenient place for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, users decided that it referred to a cryptocurrency wallet supporting Ethereum.

It is suggested that the built-in wallet will be more reliable than other programs for e-money storage developed for Android devices.

You will be able to find out whether this assumption is correct or not on February 20 during the official presentation of Samsung Galaxy S10.

Airalab launches robot using Substrate technology

On January 29, specialists could launch the robot using a decentralized network based on Substrate, a tool allowing to develop adjustable blockchains for various apps. This service was integrated with the Polkadot protocol by Parity startup.

Lonshakov, Development Group Leader at Airalab, stresses that they have decided to use Substrate as it is the simplest solution towards the launch of parachain in Polkadot, which can be controlled by a robotic device.

SWIFT to cooperate with R3 Blockchain Consortium

On fintech forums in Paris, Gottfried Leibbrandt, SWIFT’s CEO, said that his community of global interbank financial communications links would launch a PoC gateway – GPI Link. It will allow R3 to connect its Corda platform with Global Payments Innovation, a payment system owned by SWIFT.

Due to this cooperation, R3 users will be able to apply GPI Link to conduct calculations via financial institutions, obtain credit data from trading platforms after the completion of deals, and authorize payments.

Binance starts trading BitTorrent tokens

On January 31, the exchange began to trade BTT (BitTorrent) along with BNB, BTC, and USDT. Token holders were able to deposit prior to the official sale.

BitTorrent’s crowdsale took place on January 28 on the Launchpad platform. Two sessions lasted only 18 minutes. As the result, 59.4 billion ВТТ tokens were sold. The company raised $7.2 billion.

When sales were over, it turned out that a lot of investors could not buy ВТТ because of technical problems occurred on the Binance Launchpad platform. To encourage people who failed to buy tokens due to the glitch, ICO launching companies transferred 5000 ВТТ to everyone submitting an application for token purchase.

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