Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin at Starbucks and Swiss bank’s coin

Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin at Starbucks and Swiss bank’s coin

SWIFT will conduct blockchain voting, France’s seaport is integrating a distributed ledger, while Starbucks will accept Bitcoin payments. These and other blockchain events are revealed in the digest.

Starbucks to accept BTC

A group of coffeehouses, Starbucks, is going to accept bitcoins as a payment method by the end of 2019. Cryptocurrency will be converted into fiat money via the Bakkt platform.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem Bakkt will give Starbucks a large share of its enterprise. It is known that the companies will cooperate on mutually beneficial terms.

If the project succeeds, Starbucks will become the world’s first trading space on the Bakkt platform. Initially, only the USA will be able to pay for goods in bitcoins.

SWIFT to test blockchain-based voting

The SWIFT payment system will test a blockchain platform for e-voting. The project will involve SGX Exchange, SLIB software developer, as well as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, DBS, and Standard Chartered Bank.

This testing is aimed at checking how blockchain can simplify and advance voting among shareholders.

Emitents and the central securities depositary will take part in the verification of PoC concept in voting. Blockchain should show solutions for the market fragmentation and the efficiency of SO 20022, a financial electronic data interchange standard.

France’s seaport to integrate blockchain into supply chain

The major trade seaport of France, Marseille Fos Port, will participate in a blockchain pilot project for freight logistics in June 2019. Blockchain will be integrated for the supply chain in the Mediterranean transport corridor.

The project’s goal is to define whether blockchain will help to control transport supply chain data more efficiently or not. Besides, the technology should provide the security of data during their direct exchange among participants.

Meet blockchain platform for journalists – Civil

Civil, a blockchain network of independent journalists, has officially announced its launch. Users are already able to purchase the platform membership and CVL tokens.

The platform strives for developing an alternative pattern to support independent journalists. As part of the project, one will issue 100 million CVL tokens at the initial price of $0.20. Raised funds will be transferred to Civil Foundation, an organization that supports ethical journalism.

Swiss Bank launches its own cryptocurrency

Dukascopy Bank has launched its own cryptocurrency – Dukascoin. The financial institution became the first regulated bank conducting ICOs and owning the cryptocurrency.

Dukascoin is the ERC-20 token available as a reward for the application of multicurrency accounts and bank’s messenger – Connect 911. Tokens can be sold on the internal market or withdrawn to external wallets.

According to bank representatives, the system will ensure transaction security, while bank statements on cryptocurrency operations will acknowledged by other financial establishments.

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