Russian SkinCoin created token for buying game skins

Russian SkinCoin created token for buying game skins

Russian company SkinCoin plans to issue a single token for buying and selling game items in Dota 2, CS: GO and Team Fortress 2, ForkLog reports.

What is it for?

SKIN token will serve as a mean of payment for game items and skins (appearance of heroes, weapons and other objects), as well as for betting on cybersport matches.

According to the Bloomberg report, the global turnover of in-game items in 2016 exceeded $7.3 billion. Rare items are highly evaluated by collectors, and their price can exceed $15 thousand.

What problem does the token solve?

According to SkinCoin co-founder Igor Solomatin, the token will solve the problem of skins turnover on all gaming websites. The fact is that buying skins for fiat money on third-party sites contradicts the policy of the developers of Dota 2, CS: GO and Team Fortress 2. It leads to blocking of gaming accounts. And since the crypto currency in most countries does not have the status of an official mean of payment, players can freely buy skins for it.

ICO details

The release of the crypto currency starts on June 21 at 12:00 on World Coordinated Time. Token is based on Ethereum, so its purchase is only possible for Ethereum. One ETH will be equal to 6000 SKIN tokens. The developers are planning to attract 100 000 ETH with a minimum goal of 5000 ETH. The project implies the availability of a convenient API, so it will be immediately used on the partner platforms SteamTrade, SkinWin and


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