List of popular cryptocurrencies

List of popular cryptocurrencies

To date, all popular cryptocurrencies differ from each other in the following characteristics:

• functionality for payment;

• methods of generation;

• emissions;

• cryptocurrency profit.

List of cryptocurrencies that are the most popular today, is as follows:


Created: January 2009

Rate: $ 1,000

Turnover: 12 mln coins

Emission: 5 coins per minute

Limit: 21 mln coins

This is the most common cryptocurrency of the modern times and it has become the basis for development of other types of digital money. Real name and identity of currency developer still remains a mystery. But this does not prevent other programmers from using Bitcoin open source for creation and development of other cryptocurrencies.


Created: October 2011

Rate: $ 35

Turnover: 24 mln coins

Emission: 25 coins per minute

Limit: 84 mln coins

Comparison of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin may be carried out in the same way as comparison of precious metals - silver and gold, respectively. This digital currency appeared in 2011 thanks to development of former employee of Google - Charlie Lee. Litecoin is often referred to as "electronic silver".


Created: August 2012

Rate: $7

Turnover: 21 mln coins

Emission: 15 coins per minute

If you make a list of the most popular cryptocurrencies, then peercoin rightly takes the third spot of the top. Code of this digital currency is almost to identical Bitcoin code, so no wonder it is considered its direct heir. The main difference of Peercoin from other cryptocurrencies - is the absence of restrictions on the number of coins issued.


Created: April 2011

Rate: $8

Turnover: 7.5 mln coins

Emissions: 6.5 coins per minute

Limit: 21 mln coins

This cryptocurrency is created on the basis of alternative DNS servers, and is an alternative to international system of distribution and control of domain names ICANN.


Created: April 2013

Rate: $0.5

Turnover: 25 mln coins

Emission: 70 coins per minute

Limit: 336 mln coins

This kind of Bitcoin and Litecoin combination holds itself more as a direct heir of cryptocurrency Litecoin. To increase popularity of Feathercoin, developers spreaded information about hacking even before its launch, although initially its code is same as in Bitcoin. Later it was reported that this cryptocurrency is the most secure of all existing in the market. Doubt in veracity of such data is based on the fact that in the same time they continually provide data on vulnerability of Bitcoin and Litecoin.


Established: 2013

Course: $ 0.7

Turnover: 25 million. Coin

Emission: 70 coins per minute

Limit: 100 million. Coin

Cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin code was designed to solve the problem of excessive accumulation of currency without periodic reinvestment.

Ever since the world learned about cryptocurrency Bitcoin, every year there are many forks of the system. Open code and worldwide popularity of Bitcoin only contribute to this trend. Experts predict that in the near future cryptocurrency list will only grow with new names and opportunities.

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