Top 10 informative films about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Top 10 informative films about blockchain and cryptocurrencies

With the beginning of cryptocurrency hype, documentary makers also became interested in blockchain and its capabilities. Crypto fever pitch and increasing public interest encouraged the emergence of dozens of professional videos dedicated to the cryptocurrency phenomenon. Let’s examine ten most interesting films about blockchain technology and its role in the digital progress.

IamSatoshi (2014)

The documentary reveals how Bitcoin can change the global financial system. Filmmakers comprehensively studied and analyzed the Bitcoin phenomenon and then showed the results in video. It includes prospects and capacity of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin film by Tomer Kantor stars such well-known persons as Elizabeth Stark, Amir Taaki, Peter Todd, Erik Voorhees, and Cody Wilson.

Deep Web (2015)

The movie by Alex Winter centers around the evolution of the Internet – anonymous, decentralized, and sometimes even dangerous. In particular, this is about a trading online resource called Silk Road selling banned substances.

Besides, the film covers the Bitcoin payment system and the Deep Web concept. It involves famous crypto anarchists (Cody Wilson), digital security specialists (Nicholas Weaver), and Bitcoin enthusiasts (Keanu Reeves). The movie was introduced at the South By Southwest festival.

Gold of the digital age (2015)

The picture explains what cryptocurrencies are, how to use them, and how promising they can be. It is the first Russian research film about blockchain and digital currencies that considers the mining issue in Russia.

Although producers involved economists, consulted crypto experts and mining equipment manufacturers, the film contained some deficiencies. The movie is made on the special order of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.

Bitcoin Gospel (2015)

The Dutch documentary answering questions concerning the Bitcoin concept, the way to use it as a payment method, and its role. It is based on speeches by Roger Ver identified as a “Bitcoin evangelist”. The film also engages other familiar Bitcoin angels, like Andreas Antonopolous. The picture tells the audience about life and ideology of crypto evangelists as well as addresses a topic of cryptocurrency mining in China.

Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain (2016)

The documentary about Bitcoin and its development is based on the book “Digital Gold” by Nathaniel Popper. It is divided into six small series created specially for the TechCrunch YouTube channel.

The film provides basic information on cryptocurrency mining, blockchain technology operation, and Bitcoin development. Such prominent figures as Vitalik Buterin, Larry Summers, and Roger Ver gave expert interviews for it.

The Bitcoin Experiment (2016)

The documented diary investigating how modern people can legally use cryptocurrencies. Filmmakers visited Scandinavia in order to show how to apply digital currency in human life based on its example. The results demonstrate the advantages of cryptocurrencies and freedoms for common people. Moreover, authors analyzed the readiness of people to apply cryptocurrencies in daily calculations.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency (2017)

The film is dedicated to the second cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization volume: Ethereum. Filmmakers focus on special features of this digital currency, its history and prospects. It is also devoted to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

The movie is totally about history and development prospects of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. Authors answer the most common questions relating to it as well as talk about the establishment of cryptocurrency environment and blockchain opportunities. Primarily, they raise an issue of cryptocurrency as a payment method and its impact on conventional finances. A good part of the picture describes forecasts and speculations about the future of Bitcoin.

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

Due to the cryptocurrency hype, a lot of people became aware of blockchain technology. This film clearly explains its special features. What opportunities does the distributed ledger technology unveil to the world? Will humankind use them? How will cryptocurrencies transform the financial industry? These and many other aspects are discussed in Manuel Stagars’ work by famous crypto experts, analysts, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and policymakers from the USA, Switzerland, Australia, the UK, and Canada.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

One more picture about blockchain technology and its characteristics. The film is directed by Alex Winter; Executive producer is Joseph Lubin, a co-founder of Ethereum. It shows the full history of technology based on personal opinions of experts.

The documentary interviewed venture investor Tim Draper, Guardian Circle CEO Mark Jeffery, and activist Laurie Love. The movie describes all the capabilities of distributed ledger technology: from cryptocurrencies to safe storage of personal information.

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