Hacking of ‘important’ wallet caused ETH’s fall

Hacking of ‘important’ wallet caused ETH’s fall

Hacking of Ethereum wallet of the large investor Bo Shen resulted in the fall of ETH exchange rate up to 6 USD.

December 6, there was a slump of ETH price.

As of Wednesday morning, December 7, the ETH increased in the rate up to 7.5 USD.


Panic was caused by the fact that unknown hackers stole ETH from personal wallet of Bo Shen - partner of the Fenbushi Capital venture fund. The amount of stolen money is not specified.

It is known that hacking was not driven by technical features of the platform: swindler has used not vulnerability of the code, but rather an access to emails and mobile phone numbers. The situation once again has proved that even such reliable system as blockchain has its soft spot – the users, who do not protect their personal data properly.

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